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We're a team of AI developers specializing in custom large language model (LLM) applications for process automation such as financial analysis, social media automation, personalized chatbots, employee augmentation, and a wide range of business tasks. Maximize efficiency and transform your operations with our comprehensive AI consulting and software solutions.

Make your business smarter and leaner with cutting-edge AI.

Imagine turbocharging your operation with AI, slicing inefficiencies and redundant staffing in one swoop. We're here to navigate that journey with you - identifying, constructing, and plugging in FoxClear AI Agents right into the core of your business.

  • AI Consulting

    AI Strategy Plan
    Automation Potential Analysis
    Personalized AI Education

  • AI Automation

    Social Media Content Machines
    Business Process Automation
    Automated Data Processing

  • AI Development

    Custom Autonomous Agents
    Custom-Trained Chatbots
    API and Langchain Development

Autonomous Agents

Agents are kernels of micro-autonomous intelligence designed to complete intellectual and knowledge-based tasks. Autonomous Agents are powered by LLMs (Large Language Models) and equipped with advanced decision-making frameworks to operate independently – making decisions and performing tasks without human intervention. Adapting based on the outcomes of their past actions, these Agents are capable of dividing goals into smaller tasks by determining optimal tools for execution.

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    Process Automation

    Modern AI offers endless solutions to automate complex business processes by leveraging a base layer of intelligence coupled to our custom software.

  • psychology

    GPT-4 Base Layer

    GPT-4 from OpenAI is capable of scoring 155 on IQ tests 1 , ensuring accurate and intelligent responses in novel situations. (Einstein had an estimated IQ of 160)

  • person

    Virtual Assistants

    Transform customer interactions with AI-powered virtual assistants. They provide 24/7 support, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • trending_up

    Marketing Machines

    Optimize your marketing strategies with AI. Our solutions leverage consumer behavior data to maximize engagement and conversion.

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    Multimedia Creation

    Produce dynamic content based on your brand. Our AI generates personalized multimedia content that captivates and engages your audience.

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    Predictive Analytics

    Unlock the power of data with AI. Our predictive analytics solutions help you forecast trends and provide data-driven research and decision recommendations.

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